Unreal music pack 04

  1. Aegis
  2. Cluster
  3. Distance
  4. Empty
  5. Grounded
  6. Inter
  7. Isolate
  8. Melt
  9. Moritorium
  10. Requiem
  11. Rising
  12. Santo
  13. Solstice
  14. The sound of time
  15. Tremors

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GDP £15

Unreal music pack 04

SideTrax presents 15 high-quality audio tracks that are guaranteed to add atmosphere to your video games. Ambient sounds and melancholy grooves are the order of the day. Moody synth landscapes, delicate harps and lush strings form a sombre and compelling backdrop to all your projects.

Files are provided in lossless wav format, AAC and MP3.